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Welcome to Gameroom Concepts Inc.

We build high-quality outdoor pool tables

For the past 25 years, we have been manufacturing and delivering the best all-weather outdoor pool tables in the industry. We’re constantly testing and evaluating our products to ensure our clients get durable and high-quality outdoor game tables. Each outdoor game table is individually built to the style, size, and color that you specify. Our tables have been designed to play outdoors and last a long time. If you love family games but have little space available inside your property, an outdoor pool table will bring a lot of fun to your home. 

Bring fun to your workplace!
Several companies have now embraced the idea of having a recreational room in the workplace, as it has been shown it provides numerous benefits, including increased productivity. Having a foosball table, pool table, or an outdoor game table can help employees relax.

Largest All-Weather Outdoor Pool Table Manufacturer in the World